Thursday, 16 February 2012

This new blog

A pier and boats on the sea with a pinky blue sunset sky
Sunset in Italy, 2006
Doesn't work take up a lot of TIME? Mr A has thankfully taken over the home catering during the week, but of course I'm not prepared to give up any badminton, so on at least two days a week (three days this week because I've been asked to play in a match) I've only had about an hour to do everything that isn't work or badminton, and my online life is being neglected slightly. Clearly, my aim to post every three days is a little ambitious.

I thought I'd share my excitement at having set up this new blog with its all-new design. I love it! Not that the other blog design was bad, but it remained essentially the same over nearly five years, and it's nice to have something a bit different.

For those who care about blogging and its arcane world, I tried to start afresh with WordPress. I've had a couple of attempts at WordPress websites, including the badminton club site which I think is quite smart and has brought us one or two new members. But Blogger won the day for my personal blogging, mainly because of the control it gives me over fonts and layout, which just weren't accessible in WordPress unless you are properly competent with HTML coding and layout using CSS, not an amateur like me.

The only downside of this template is that I couldn't quite manage to use my own background image, although I think if I had tried a bit longer I could probably have worked it out. The main issue was that the resolution of my image was too high, so the file was too big when I made it the recommended size to accommodate the biggest monitors that it might be viewed on. In the time available I couldn't be bothered to mess with the image to the required extent, and I doubt that I will bother now.

That's another thing where Blogger seemed to win - the number and variety of templates and colour schemes available, and their flexibility to be adjusted to exactly what I wanted. Anyway, I hope you like it, and any comments or suggestions would be very welcome.

More dietetics coming soon...

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