Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The frankfurter octopus

Not my original idea, but something I saw on the Interwebs long ago, and have been itching to try ever since. The frankfurter octopus turned out to be delicious, yet at the same time vaguely disturbing.

Ingredients: frankfurters, spaghetti. Optional: ketchup, mustard. The finished meal included a salad, although you won't see much of that in the subsequent pictures I took. 

Frankfurters, spaghetti, salad leaves, tomatoes, lettuce, dressing

Raw spaghetti sticking out of frankfurters
What I remembered of the 'recipe' was very straightforward: stick raw spaghetti through frankfurters. What I didn't remember was how much spaghetti, and along which axes? So I constructed a selection of different mutant strains.

Cooked dish in the pan

The main problem was that the more attractive species, with spaghetti radiating perpendicular to the frankfurter axis, was the more difficult to fit in the pan. Longitudinal was more practical, but appealed less to my aesthetic preference for outlandish sea-creatures.

Both varieties cooked to perfection, and, with a dash of ketchup and mustard, provided Mr A and me with a comforting autumn supper, and leftovers for work next day.

Octopus on the fork with ketchup and mustard

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  1. this is, as you say, disturbing yet somehow compelling. One for cooking with kids, perhaps?


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