Sunday, 22 September 2013

Holiday in Yorkshire

Stern stone lion
Memorial garden, Hornsea, September 2013

Day 1

Lovely long walk to local town along well-marked footpath.
Delicious smoked salmon and scrambled egg lunch in cafe that doubles as craft shop and haberdashery.
Getting rained on quite a lot during long walk back.
Water not hot enough for restorative bath.

Day 2

Firing up the wood burning stove for a toasty day indoors (and lashings of hot water).
Finally finished the sleeves on Lola II's dress, and tacked the hem ready for trying on.
Hole in the toe one of my favourite pairs of socks.
Excruciatingly slow Wifi access at rented cottage.

Day 3

Lovely long walk to (different) local town along beach.
Interesting local museum and even more interesting owner of local fish shop.
Getting even more soaked than on Day 1 during long walk back.
Turns out what I thought was a footpath was, on closer examination very much later on, a contour line.

Day 4

Indoor day and wood burning stove again.
Getting notified of invitation to interview for job.
Worked on another job application (different job, also part time).
Nice but very ordinary local restaurant for dinner. Should have returned to local pub.

Day 5

Another interesting local museum and 900-year-old church.
Mr A's fish and chips - perfect.
Drizzle. Lots of it.
My fish and chips - greasy.

Day 6

Lovely breakfast at local cafe due to running out of milk at home.
Another fine walk, in the sunshine for a change.
Having to get the car fixed - very nasty noise from front wheel bearing.
Going home tomorrow.

The week brought some unfortunate car maintenance and quite a lot of rain, but at least we weren't camping this time. The rented cottage was extremely comfortable, and we both got some work done, given Mr A's looming exam and my job applications, but managed to eat and drink in handsome style as well as reading, listening to the radio and watching a number of DVDs. Overall, a successful holiday.

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