Sunday, 19 January 2014

New job tomorrow!

Spherical purple flower
National Botanic Garden of Wales, May 2013
Not much to say of any interest - I haven't been at work, so no new diabetes news; I've been doing quite a lot of reading, so the next book blog will be a bit longer than usual. I've renewed the house insurance, done my income tax return at last (I've never left it this late before, almost time for the next one), and been to London and to Manchester.

In London I saw mum and dad, did some computer maintenance for them, sealed up a leaking kettle, met an old school friend and had a walk in the forest, stayed with Lola II and Mr M, had a tour of BBC Broadcasting Centre (old and new bits), replenished my supply of Japanese ingredients, met another old school friend and watched her do some of her radio show, travelled to Manchester along with mum and Lola II to visit H&B, played with Lola II's music group, replenished my supply of vine leaves and various other goodies at Lola II's local Asian supermarket, and cooked up a feast for Lola II and Mr M. It was a busy week.

Back home I find there isn't much preparation to do for the new job, because the first three days are corporate induction (again) and the next couple will be local induction. It will be predominantly the same as before, so maybe I can report any changes since the last time, two years ago. I have been told that my contract of three permanent days a week is likely to be extended by one further day, but it is likely that I will not be working on Tuesdays. At first I was disappointed, but on reflection this does give me scope for doing all sorts of different things, both work-related and nothing to do with work. I have some ideas, but we'll see what happens.

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