Sunday, 23 February 2014

News of Lola II and Mr M

Perfect red rose with raindrops on petals
Groombridge  Place, June 2013
When things are going well, when there is no catastrophe to report, when all trots along in a routine and mundane manner, I am happy. But I am also at a loss to find anything to write about. There is no scandal, nothing to complain about, no disturbing incident with a patient at work, or a colleague. So you lose out, because I have nothing to write about me and Mr A and Lola Towers.

Although it is not true that nothing exciting has happened. Lola II and Mr M staged their second annual Film Festival, with eight films over the course of one weekend (Mr A and I attended four and it was excellent), and shortly afterwards announced that they are getting married. So that's nice. I am surprisingly enthusiastic about the event, although I think that it is a very thin veneer of enthusiasm that may be eroded surprisingly easily. I am going to host a very modest hen party and Lola II has promised that she will try not to tax my endurance by becoming a wedding bore.

This is one of the remaining weddings in my life that I must attend - the others are those of The Boy and my nephews and niece, but I hope they all wait until they are as old as Lola II and Mr M because then if I am still alive I will not be allowed to go because of chronic infirmity or serious eccentricity. They will all be glad that ancient Aunt Lola isn't coming because "she would embarrass everyone by lying down in the aisle to look at the ceiling, or singing lewd songs loudly at inappropriate times." I am looking forward to a time when I am able to be freely eccentric, because let's face it, there isn't much fun to be had when you can't play badminton any more.

Talking of badminton, I mentioned my difficulty with seeing patients in the consultants' clinics to some of the new club. One member used to be a GP before she retired, and she came up with a splendid idea which I shall try out. It involves coming up with a few questions on a piece of paper that the patient can answer while waiting, and this ought to help make my dietetic consultation more appropriate and potentially shorter. Now I just have to think of the right questions.

To finish this brief report, Mr A has written a blog post for a skibike website, reporting on our recent holiday. I have to warn you that it contains explicit images of Mr A's bare legs, so perhaps not suitable for the faint-hearted.

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