Friday, 14 August 2015

Travel and work and badminton and running and shopping and cooking

Blue skies and fluffy cloud over snowy peaks
Courmayear, February 2015
There's been another trip south, which is why there hasn't been much blogging action recently. I've been fully occupied all of one weekend on family stuff, and during the week there's been work and badminton and running and shopping and cooking, and the sole TV programme that I actually watch (The Great British Bake-Off) has started a new series. And I went out with work colleagues to celebrate my birthday, and met a friend while I was in London that I hadn't seen for more than 25 years. So blogging has had to take a back seat.

Lola II and Mr M and I ate well as usual during my visit. We decided to try somewhere we hadn't been before that offered Caribbean food from Trinidad. It was a fairly new restaurant and they were very keen to tell us all about the food, which had a more Indian influence than the Jamaican style food that's more commonly found. I had mutton, Lola II had chicken and Mr M had salt cod, and it was all very good indeed. Next day I wore my newly made dress for the Family Birthday Celebration (and I wore it the week before for the Works Night Out), and it looks so good and I was complimented so much that it all went to my head and I offered to make another one for Sister D. Using stretchy material it shouldn't take too long...

Badminton - the good news is that following rest and changing my mouse to the other side, my racquet arm is as good as new, possibly better. Running - I'm getting along OK, I'm nearly half way through a training plan leading up to this pesky 10k plus obstacle course that I've signed up to, but I have a feeling that the race will arrive before the end of the training plan... not that it matters that much.

Work - lots of interesting things and still many frustrations. We tried to entice as many 16 to 21 year-olds as we could onto a specially designed education course for Type 1 diabetes, but out of the thirteen or so who had verbally agreed to come, only two turned up (and for a period of about 15 minutes we thought it would only be one). One of the meter manufacturers has offered to sponsor a course that would include go-karting so as to attract the target audience, but I'm not sure if we'll take them up on it because we don't actually like their meter very much. The company that makes the meter we do like hasn't provided us with a rep since last December, otherwise I'd be very keen to put a bit of pressure on them to help us out.

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