Tuesday, 19 June 2018


Pond with waterlilies
Adhisthana, June 2018
Pub update - the news is not good. My local councillor replied very promptly, forwarding a message from the Licensing Team Leader. The Deregulation Act 2015 states that:
"Live amplified music is deregulated between 08:00 and 23:00 up to a maximum of 500 people on a premises authorised to sell alcohol for the consumption on the premises."
It was also clarified that the definition of the premises in the license plan extends to the garden outside as well, so I don't have any options unless I wish to make a noise complaint. There is a local 'night noise service' which runs from 9pm to 1am on Friday and Saturday nights and seemingly will come and 'witness the noise and disruption levels first hand'. But I don't want to fall out with my neighbour, and I certainly don't want anything in writing that may affect the sale of my house in future times. And anyway, the music wasn't repeated last Friday.

Bathroom scales update - my BMI this morning was 24.3 kg/m² so still going in the right direction, despite the colleague's leaving do on Friday followed by the weekend's excess. Actually, the family party at the weekend was quite modest and I managed to get the guests to take away most of the leftovers. The best thing about it, apart from seeing my lovely family and enjoying their approval of the LTRP, is that leading up to the event I cleaned the house more thoroughly than I think I ever have before, which I continue to enjoy.

Badminton update - I ended up having to go to the League EGM because the two people in the club more qualified than I came up with much better excuses not to attend than I could think of on the spot. I didn't really know why the EGM had been called except that the new Chair of the League thinks that badminton is in a fatal decline and wants to halt it using various measures which are regularly defeated when proposed at the AGM. So the reason for the EGM was to come up with a different, 'fairer' voting regime for meetings so that 'progress' could be made, and it was all over in only 90 minutes which I consider to be a good outcome. In case you're interested (but why would you be?) the new voting regime gives each team in the league one vote up to a maximum of four votes per club, with a voting majority of two thirds.

LTRP update - the lovely tiler is on site as I type, and the plumber has just departed having reinstated the fancy stopcock device and repainted the skirting with one coat. If I am lucky this will represent the final work on the kitchen and it will be complete, except I suppose for the dead washing machine which I have made no progress towards replacing.

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