Sunday, 18 August 2019

Getting on with things

Tiny succulent plants in a pot viewed from above
Adhisthana, July 2019
I'm starting to settle into my new working pattern, although it brings new challenges. I'm very happy pottering at home on my own, but how do I make sure that I don't become a recluse? How do I build structure into my week, when there are no fixed points to latch onto after the end of Tuesday? Which of my huge list of potential new avenues of activity should I start on, and how do I maintain momentum? How do I control my access to the kitchen and not gain weight? These are obviously wonderful new challenges to have, but I don't want to end each day thinking it was an opportunity missed. **

So far I've kept myself busy, and I have been impressed by the number of jobs that have been hanging over me for a long time that I have managed to complete. Some very small (cleaning the microwave), some incomplete (I did clean some windows, but not all), some ongoing (the original gardener I contacted isn't available but recommended a different one) and some huge (the living room decoration is complete!!!!) And I can spend more time with mum and dad when they need me. And I'm definitely going to start on the tax return, oh yes, any minute now, I'm definitely going to start on that.

It's not all about jobs, I've also watched several films and a number of episodes of 'Friends' which Lola II lent (gave?) me for my birthday, and even went to the cinema, which felt like a real treat during working hours, even though it was school holidays and so overrun with children.

Ilf returned to finish painting the living room woodwork and hang some pictures for me too, which brings to an end one of the bigger indoor jobs within the LTRP. I can reflect on my achievement now, starting with the garage in 2016 and including the huge kitchen project which lasted from 2016 to 2018. It was a daunting prospect to look forward to and pretty difficult during the work, but I did it, and have learned new skills along the way. Making decisions has become easier rather than procrastinating and agonising for days over the options.

There's more still to do - the shower room and the hall both need attention, and then external painting, and once those jobs are done the last room is the main bedroom where there is nothing structurally wrong but it could do with decoration. So it's not over yet; you can expect ongoing LTRP reports for the foreseeable future.

** Landrover Man and Bee Lady - any tips?

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