Monday, 16 July 2012

A couple of giraffes

By way of an addendum to Lola II's post, here are a couple of giraffes for your edification:

Steadily declining from 77 to 62 kg over 48 weeks
Lola II (courtesy of Mr M and Excel)

Unsteadily declining from 135 to 126 lb in 12 months
Lola I (courtesy of


  1. Hi Lola (I),

    Do you have a version of your giraffe that goes further back in time, so we can see the GNT effect?

    Amazing double weight-loss wonders, you both are. I get irritated by glib comments in newspapers about "you just need to eat less and exercise more". IT'S NOT SO EASY!!!!

    Well done Lolas.

  2. I'm afraid I didn't start using until after I got back from GNT, just over a year ago, so the giraffe doesn't go much further back.


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