Saturday, 1 June 2013

Holiday and home

View of the glasshouse looking like an insect's compound eye
Great Glasshouse, National Botanic Garden of Wales, May 2013
Have you been waiting impatiently for a report from our holiday? Or are you more interested in that teaser for the gestational diabetes blog? Or perhaps you are just one of the elite readers (for 'elite' read 'very few') who continues to support my blog despite its increasingly dry and technical content, either because you know me or because we are directly related? You are all heroes to me. As are other readers, although I doubt that there are any.

Mr A in The Cricketers (Cardiff)
Cardiff pub
The holiday was pretty good, it didn't rain, we stayed with friends (Thank you, Bee Lady and Landrover Man!), then in a B&B, and then in a tent. It was mostly in Wales, and the highlights (in brief) were a lovely long walk with BL and LRM, the Cardiff pub nearest to our B&B, and the trip to the National Botanic Garden of Wales. This last has supplied me with many lovely images that will be presented on these pages in future posts. I'm not short of blog images at the moment; I've still got plenty from the German holiday, some from the park up the road during an unexpected bike race, and even some from the cruise back in October last year.

Mr A outside a sushi and noodle bar
Local cuisine
We came home for the bank holiday weekend, which remained fine and even warm at times, and I did quite a bit of tidying up in the garden while Mr A mowed the meadow. Lady Decorator will repaint the hall starting next week, and we are waiting for the saintly Alf to come back to us with a date when he can start some work which should hopefully cure a chronic damp problem in one of the outside walls. So the deterioration of Lola Towers may be halted for a brief interlude before entropy kicks in again without mercy.

Since coming home from the holiday, I have finally decided to give in and look for a room to stay in for work during the week. I went to view one this week, which would be a Monday-Friday rental for about the same cost as the fuel I'm using to drive back and forth. The main downside is that I will have to leave my current badminton clubs and find new ones, but I will gain precious hours of leisure time and be much less tired, especially towards the end of the week.

Plants and rocks in the form of a pig's head
Bute Park, Cardiff, May 2013

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