Saturday, 30 November 2013

Learning, changing jobs and home news

Green plant
National Botanic Garden of Wales, May 2013
It's one of those times when I think I've written all that I can about everything, and there's nothing left to blog about. I have an interesting and fulfilling life, it's true, but there's nothing particularly interesting to write about. Living in two places, work, badminton, family, the house and the blessed car - nothing you need to know. Mr A and I have a new boiler, the brakes on the car have been fixed, I have been on a course, that's it.

OK, so let's try harder.

I handed in my assignment for the module I'm doing for a Masters degree. It was a case study, all about a patient who was newly diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at a relatively late stage of life, but who also is very overweight and has other health problems too. As usual, I write this on the basis that there's no reason at all to think that the patient isn't reading along with us, which makes it difficult to describe much more about the situation. I learned quite a bit about various aspects of diabetes by reading up on the evidence base, but it seemed to take an enormous amount of time. I'm not sure that doing more modules towards a Masters is how I would like to carry on with further professional development.

I have had my exit interview with my current employer - I think the administrator whose job it is to arrange these things was a bit enthusiastic, seeing as it's more than a month until I finish. It's also ironic that I haven't yet been able to complete the mandatory training associated with my induction. Anyway, I fed that back, which gave us something to talk about, along with the difficulties of having a fixed term contract working in a Diabetes department that often feels like it's in a continuous crisis situation. I would have no hesitation working with any of the Dietitians in the hospital - not just the Diabetes Dietitians - but I'm not sure I'd want to work in this Diabetes department again.

Luckily, I was allowed to continue with the training I'd been booked to do before I handed in my resignation, which took place last week. It focused on behaviour change (level 1), and covered much of the same ground as the Communication Skills module I did while at university. If done well, it can transform a difficult interview, and can help patients to achieve the results they are after. At the moment, I can see the potential and know in principle what I should be doing, but achieving it is another matter. It is something that I plan to practise as much as possible.

The new boiler was installed in my weekend home without fuss, according to Mr A who was there at the time. I played in a badminton match for the 1st ladies team of my weekday home, which is well above my standard, so losing 6-3 was a good result. I failed to get my hair cut through lack of booking ahead, mostly because I couldn't remember the name of the hairdresser. I'm busy making extravagant plans for the nearly three weeks I will have between the old and the new jobs, but will probably just sit around, as usual.

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