Sunday, 10 November 2013

New job

Vegetable market stall
Munich Viktualienmarkt, March 2013
All the different employment options have finally coalesced into a nearly certain situation. I have a leaving date and a start date that are very nearly three weeks apart; I will be in a permanent job for nearly three days a week and there will be temporary work for definitely one other day and possibly two, all with the same employer. I got in touch with the other employer that was offering one day of Type 2 education, and they said extremely nice things and even suggested that they keep the post open until I start the new job, because the extra days cannot be put in writing (it's complicated) and may disappear into thin air.

The new job is probably very similar to my current job except without the pregnant women, which is fine by me. It is in a much smaller hospital than my current one or the previous one, with a much smaller team where I will be the only Diabetes Specialist Dietitian. I'm guessing the journey time will be about half an hour, compared with the current time of nearly two hours due to ongoing 'improvements' to motorway junctions.

I met my future boss (who is also my previous boss) at a Coeliac UK meeting on Saturday and had a nice chat. In the line for tea and cake I stood next to a lady who recognised me, and thanked me for giving her a recipe for gluten-free lemon drizzle cake three years ago. I thanked her for complimenting me on my gluten-free lemon drizzle cake three years ago in front of the Dietitian who I was hoping would give me a job - and who eventually did become my boss.

In other news: the heating company phoned Mr A and postponed the boiler replacement for another week - we are thinking of going away next weekend just in case it doesn't last that long. The car really does need more attention on the brakes, which I had been trying to ignore. I finished the module for the Masters degree with days to spare, by dint of working in the library every night until 8 p.m. last week. It was painful, but worth it, because I didn't have to work all through this weekend. But when I finally got round to attacking the task of switching gas and electricity suppliers, the website containing all my bills was closed for maintenance so I couldn't get started after all.

After the last mammoth blog post, I think this will do for the time being!


  1. Congratulations on everything coming together with the new job. It sounds like a much more attractive long term prospect.

  2. If the cryptic things to type to prove you're not a robot get any more obscure I am going to be unable to publish any more comments.


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