Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Nearing the end

Art deco frontage topped by statue of a woman holding aloft a large golden ball
The Assembly, Leamington Spa
As a parting gift to my current department, I have thrown together a draft of another new patient information leaflet, this one about Exercise and Type 1 Diabetes, which I will no doubt share on this blog in the fullness of time. I can tell you now, though, of all the difficult things you have to do to stay healthy if you have Type 1 Diabetes, managing activity and exercise is one of the most difficult. I'm not even talking about competitive sports, it might just be walking about for an afternoon.

I was inadequately prepared for Christmas in a multi-disciplinary team, which is what the Diabetes Team turns out to be. There was I, thinking it was a collection of individuals with little in common except a passion for diabetes and incessant complaining, and I was hoping that Christmas would be over soon so that the endless supply of cakes and chocolate would cease. (I have maintained my weight, which I consider to be a significant achievement, by dint of eating nothing at all in the evenings.)

So I was surprised when I was given presents (in order of physical size and weight) by the diabetes consultants, by the Diabetes Unit (which I think comprises the nurses and admin, but I got quite a vague answer when I asked), by my team leader, by RSB, and by my other Diabetes Dietitian colleague. I did not anticipate this, and had prepared no presents at all, although I did have the multiple cakes and vine leaves to contribute to departmental catering. I am the Scrooge of Diabetes, but it can't be helped, it's too late now.

My leaving buffet after work on Thursday was delightful. Colleagues had brought in two slow cookers full of vegetarian lasagne and chilli con carne, and there was rice, bread, tortilla chips and rather a lot of stuffed vine leaves, plus cake. As a leaving present I was given more than I felt I deserved in M&S vouchers, and made a short speech that I don't think was too awful. It all ended at a reasonable time too, and instead of going home to pack like I should have given that I was moving out the next day, I went to badminton instead, and packed up on Friday night.

So now I am no longer a resident of two different towns, and my possessions were spread over a large surface area of the house on Friday because I was too tired to put anything away. On Friday night I was in bed by 9.30 p.m. and didn't get up in the morning until nearly 11 a.m, and on Saturday I managed a trip to do final bits of Christmas shopping but that's about it. Sunday was better, with a good deal of tidying up, wrapping presents and a trip to the supermarket with Mr A for things he considers essential for satisfactory celebration of the winter festival season.

With only four working days spread over two weeks, I am looking forward to finishing, and have a few exciting plans for the nearly three weeks I will have without work. Mr A has been doing all the Christmas-related card-writing, and I have done absolutely none this year. I may possibly manage some emailed greetings, but even that is looking unlikely. I have received actual physical cards from four known readers of this blog, so thank you very much H&B, CERNoise, Landrover Man/Bee Lady and Lola II/Mr M. And season's greetings to everyone else who knows me.


  1. Well my friend - what a change has happened in your life as well as in mine! Thank you SO much for your comment over on mine and for STILL following my blog! (also a quick hello to Dad for me will you?) Your comment on being the Christmas Scrooge hit home as I have become the same since losing my Mother and other loved ones - namely my precious Dolly and Deeb. Nothing seems full of love like it used to and I don't have the heart to put up a tree or spread silly presents around. To cover up my broken heart we took holidays at this time of year when we could but The Man works in a different department now and doesn't build up overtime like he used to so I had to come up with a different plan. So I came up with donating to a charity of one's choice - that took away all need for any special thought - but didn't take away the pain really. Ah well. It still comes every year doesn't it!

    Anyway - more coming to you via email my friend. I've thought of you so often - and of course your dear Mum and Dad! I've been so touched by both of them!

    I look forward to reading about your new job! I hope it's exciting and interesting and challenging! You have been such an inspiration to me - going back to school and doing so well!

    Anyway - Happy New Year!



    1. Once you're in my feed reader, you stay there! I hope you have a better year in 2014, with more joy and less pain.


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