Monday, 17 February 2014

I like my job

Large thistle looking like a big pink flower
National Botanic Garden of Wales, May 2013
So far, I like my job.

I like the small team, the fact that we are mainly unsupervised and can do mostly what we like. I like the building, I like my office, I especially like the way that everybody comes together for lunch in the largest room. I can adjust 'my' heating, open 'my' window, and arrange 'my' furniture. I can always find somewhere to park on the site, even if not immediately outside the building. I can ask all sorts of people for all sorts of support, and so far they have not hesitated to do whatever they can to help.

Of course there are things that aren't so good. On Wednesday mornings I have to give up 'my' room to a renal Dietitian, but there are plenty of other places I can sit. We don't have any access to colour printing or copying in the building, but I believe we can go elsewhere if we really need it. These are small issues.

I have started to see more patients, and feel very pleased that I am almost keeping within the time limits allocated. One patient returned for a second appointment, and was extremely positive about how my advice had allowed him to make useful changes. There have been other patients who have not welcomed my input, but I have been content to leave them alone, and they may return for advice if they ever want it in future.

I've been given the job of reviewing the patient information leaflet that we offer on hypoglycaemia, and have included some of the great pictures that I produced last year. The draft leaflet is out with the rest of the team for comments at the moment; we'll see what they think.

A quick update on stuff outside work: no, there's nothing of any interest at all. I stupidly cut my finger on a tin can. I have a hurty arm, probably a result of the last wipe-out of the ski holiday and then exacerbated by badminton. My newest badminton club is very enthusiastic about the fact that I am eligible to play in matches; I am less enthusiastic, although I have said I will play if they are absolutely desperate. Mr A and I went dancing on Friday night; this is his latest plan to introduce some non-sedentary activity into his life. It was fun, but with two nights of badminton per week I'm not sure I will be accompanying him every time he wants to go dancing. The falconry centre has reopened after the 3-month winter break; it was interesting to see how the birds need reminding that they are expected to work for their living again. That's about it.

And it hasn't rained for two days!

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