Saturday, 10 May 2014


View over a low wall into a sunny cemetary
On my way to work, July 2013
There has been a whole lot less badminton and many fewer meetings in the last week, especially as there has been another Bank Holiday. Mr A and I travelled south for a lovely lunch in celebration of dad's birthday, followed by dinner separately with Mr M and Lola II, who wasn't well enough to go to the lunch. I spent most of the rest of my days off working on the gastroparesis article, which still needs more work, but is much nearer to being finished.

At work I observed the presentation used by the other Diabetes Dietitians to start people off on the very low carbohydrate diet, so that I could get a feel for how to 'sell' it in my own service. It was a useful experience and I am becoming better informed about it all, but I think eventually I will have to try it for myself. So far, none of my patients has committed to it, although one or two are thinking about it.

There was a bit of badminton business this week - as the season is ending, my second club held a tournament and I came second out of the ladies. Meanwhile it is AGM season, and as I am Secretary of my first club, there is more admin than usual. With very low expectations, I mentioned that I would be happy to give up being Secretary if a volunteer could be found, and lo! a volunteer appeared! This is unheard of among all badminton clubs where I have been a member (and that's quite a few), but very welcome indeed. Still two AGMs to attend before it's over, though.

I am trying to write quite a technical piece about ketosis which I was going to include in this blog, but it is taking much more time than I thought it would. It turns out that making metabolic pathways comprehensible to the average reader is pretty difficult, and I also found gaps in my own knowledge about the most technical bits. Rather than make you wait, I thought I'd just publish this short teaser, and come back to ketosis when I have more time. I have a 28-minute run to fit in this morning, followed by the first of a set of 50th birthday and wedding celebrations to attend!

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