Saturday, 7 March 2015

Ski Italy

Mountain vista with blue cloudless sky
Courmayeur, February 2015
No time for much blogging, I'm still keeping busy but thought I'd just jot down a brief report for those who care what I've been up to. I've been skiing, in Courmayeur in Italy, and it was good. There were a couple of overcast days at the start when it snowed, then a couple of perfectly sunny days, and some that were in between.

Because I'm keen and showed up for the first minibus transfer before the lifts even opened, I met a group of seven Scots staying at my hotel who were happy to have me skiing with them, and equally happy when I peeled off to do my own thing. My own thing was not spending a lot of time having breaks, having small lunches, carrying on skiing for as long as I could manage, then back to the hotel for a shower before settling down for the long, long wait until dinner was served. Last year, when Mr A and I went to Austria, the hotel dished up dinner at six - perfect. This hotel didn't start the dinner service until half past seven, by which time I had been trying to find any sort of distraction for two hours or more in order to prevent me from eating my own shoes.

I got to know the guests at neighbouring tables at dinner as well as my Scottish adopted ski family. It wasn't too bad at all being a solo skier, and I had company when I wanted it, but most of the time I didn't. As well as 6 to 7 hours skiing a day I read five books while I was there... bliss. No injuries, but I don't think my technique improved, unlike the last time when I had three days of instruction included in the package. It did, however, cost half as much this time compared with that trip.

Back home - laundry, badminton, work and more. I should have a relatively quiet weekend, so maybe I'll have time to write about my annual review and the latest very low carb group meeting. Off to a badminton match now - ciao!

Selfie in ski gear with mountains

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