Saturday, 14 November 2015


A selection of obscure Indian vegetables
Southall, November 2015
Our new data projector has been installed at work!! All those months of nagging and chasing have paid off, and at last we are able to display Powerpoint in our education room, along with videos and other Internet content. It's only taken about 18 months to achieve, and I'm delighted. My joy is somewhat diminished by the others in the department commenting that now they'll be able to watch TV at lunchtime. I'm hoping that they're joking, but I'm not sure that they are...

Meanwhile, I have been to That London again, this time entirely avoiding the horror of M&M World and instead having a lovely time celebrating Diwali with food and fireworks. For a few years Lola II and Mr M have made an annual pilgrimage to Southall which puts on a fine show for the festival of lights, and I joined them in an absolutely delicious Indian meal followed by standing on the railway bridge playing with sparklers and watching all the many different fireworks displays that are visible from that standpoint. I ignored Guy Fawkes night this year but I do enjoy a firework display, and ten simultaneous displays is even better.

I got there slightly early, and being the kind of obsessive Dietitian that I am, I made a point of checking out some of the specialist produce on offer in the local emporia. While I know a fair amount about Indian produce, the fresh green veg is a bit of a mystery, so I took lots of photos and I will have to do a bit of research later.

Lola II with a sparkler

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