Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Nothing interesting at all

Mr M took this photo somewhere, August 2014
I'm sitting here thinking about what to write, but I can't talk about the main things I'm involved with at work and at home, either because of professional confidentiality or just because they're not appropriate for a public blog. So I'm left with a few inconsequential happenings - the boiler's had its annual service, I've made lentil soup, I took some garden rubbish to the tip, I had a massage. I sewed a bit more of the dress I'm making for sister D. I met a friend in Birmingham and saw the remodelled station with its John Lewis (good) and new branch of Wasabi food outlet (better).

I've written enough about badminton and running, books get their own post, and the films I've watched have been OK but nothing special. So what's left? Honestly, I don't know. I haven't done anything particularly interesting recently. The new car is running fine. The garden is running wild. The house still needs loads of work doing. I haven't been on holiday. The clocks went back so it's dark really early.

Lola and Mr M and vertical tubes of coloured M&Ms
M&M World. Just Don't.
I did go down to That London for a family event, and Lola II and Mr M took the opportunity to expose me to M&M World, which is four enormous floors of M&M branded tat right next to Leicester Square in the heart of the West End. They justified this 'experience' by saying that they are educating me in the ways of London folk, but I would prefer to stay thoroughly provincial and never see M&M World ever again. But I've given you a nice picture of Lola II and Mr M in front of the rainbow of pick 'n mix M&Ms.

All of a sudden, out of the blue, something slightly interesting happened at work - the IT guy turned up with four large monitors for us to replace the tiny ones we've been using and which work perfectly well. We beg, plead and pray for a data projector, but without even asking we get replacement monitors; it's very peculiar. And not really that interesting after all. Sorry about that. If we're lucky, something properly interesting will happen next week.


  1. A garden running wild here as well. M&M World is a revelation!

    1. My goodness CJ, thank you for visiting! It's been so long since any comments have been left that I've come over all embarrassed and started worrying about the quality of the blog - the usual family and friends who visit have long since given up expecting anything special.


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