Cast of characters

Gave up work to become a full time mature student on a four year undergraduate degree leading to a Master of Nutrition qualification, which has enabled her to become a Registered Dietitian. Blogged about the journey on Student Lola Life. Keen on reading, badminton and films that aren't too depressing. Author of the majority of the posts on Lola Life: me, me, me, it's all about me.

Mr A:
The long-suffering soon-to-be-ex-husband, put upon and generally tormented, although he generally gives as good as he gets. Loves sugar, meat, salt, and fat-based foods; can eat a very large packet of wine gums in one sitting. Keen on motorcyles, trail riding, aeroplanes and in fact anything containing an internal combustion engine.

Lola II:
My Little Sister (although she claims to be taller). Jolly good fun and makes me laugh a lot, source of any number of 'Wonderful Ideas' that generally involve Messing About or giving someone a lovely surprise. Keen on playing the flute, games, catch-phrases, camping, Mr M (see below). Has a proper job, lives in London. Occasional and very welcome contributor to the Lola Life blog.

Mr M:
Lola II's co-conspiritor, runs a private hotline advice service (PiTFL) in competition with the Lola-owned Giraffe-led service (don't ask). Also has a proper job and lives with Lola II in London; contributor of very high quality but mostly uncredited photographs and movies to the Lola Life blog. Likes: ice cream, gardening, giving new names to household items, Lola II.

Mum and dad:
Sponsors and biggest supporters of the blog and of Lola Life in general. Like: terrible jokes (dad), and biros that have almost run out of ink (mum).

Royal Leamington Spa:
Brilliant town where I live. I love Leamington Spa.

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